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Heed the dream or defeat the dream?

It’s not often, but sometimes I have dreams about the CTR. Sometimes I’m off course or lost or realize I’ve missed a section of the trail. Some dreams are nothing more than fictional scenarios of how the race will play out in 2013. I’ve also had dreams where I’m actually out in front with everyone chasing me (I think, because you’re never sure where everyone is at).

A couple of days ago I dreamt myself into more of a panic. I was probably sleeping restlessly and it was sometime towards morning as I was drifting in and out but I had a sickening feeling. I had pushed myself without much sleep and all of a sudden I was delirious but also terrified I’d never be able to sleep again. That compares to the dreams I’ve had camping at high altitude where I’ve woken gasping for air and I dreamt not being able to breath. At the moment, right before I came to consciousness, I had the definite feeling that I can’t do this, meaning pushing myself again on the Colorado Trail. Or at least I can’t reduce my sleep to the amount I’d like to.

Today is a few days later and the dream amuses me right now and as I watch the dots for the AZT, Stagecoach 400, and Rebecca Rusch on the Kokopelli, I continue to be psyched for this years race.